[Commission Ordering Basics] - By commissioning me you agree to these terms.
You must be 18yo or older to purchase adult material, and all official business will only be conducted through the email I provide you.

I will require full payment up front - in U.S. Currency. No partial payments will be accepted.
Paypal is accepted - but only on a case by case basis. Inquire privately to verify eligibility or pursuit of other payment methods.

Everything at this time will be delivered via email only.
Once I have delivered the final product via email, my responsibility ends. I will not be able to resend them months or years later if you lose them. I will likely no longer have the original work files.

[References and Details]
Please summarize your descriptions and give me only what is necessary to complete the drawing.
Send references for characters and specific objects where possible to cut down on guess work.

[Contacts and Other Parties]
I only work with the buyer.
If an image contains your friends personal avatar, please have their permission to use the character and that they approve of the subject matter ahead of time.

[One Time Draft approval]
You have a one time chance to suggest reasonable edits. From there the image will be pushed to completion without further input.
A change in pose is not considered a reasonable edit - It is considered a scrap and redo which will cost extra.
As always remember you are asking for my take on your idea and it will be done to the best of my ability.

[Approximate Timeframe]
It shouldn't take longer than 3 months to complete a persons commission from the time they have paid. This timeframe is not a guarantee - but a personal goal.
I do assist someone who has a chronic condition (kidney failure), and that can cause high stress if things arent going well, and can cause delay at times especially if hospital time or me driving more frequently and waiting at the clinic for his treatments to end becomes necessary. Your patience during those times are appreciated.

[Acceptable Subject Matter]
Male/Female/Both/Neither, Homosexual, Bisexual, Heterosexual
Light bondage, Rough play, Cosplay, Limited Fanart

[Reproduction and Permissions]
I do not post everything I draw but you are free to post your images to your own galleries unless otherwise stated.
I have a legal right to post anything I create - but please let me know if you prefer something to be kept private.
By default you DO NOT have the right to reproduce any image I have drawn for your own profit. If you wish to commission me for a "for profit" piece we will have to negotiate appropriate compensation which will be paid up front.

If I find myself completely unable to complete your image you will receive the work I have at that time, and a partial refund equal to the amount of work that remains unfinished.
Barring that, all sales are final.

If you have read and agree to all of that, you may now proceed to commission me and verify my current rates.